Sports Betting in Australia

There are several sites to bet on sports in Australia, but there are also some differences between them. For example, married people place 4.5 fewer bets than single people, and parents place 5.0 fewer bets than single adults. Also, education reduces betting, with those with university or trade qualifications placing bets at a lower rate than those with high school education. However, employment status is not correlated with the number of bets on non-sports events.


When choosing a tennis betting site, Australians should take note of certain factors. For example, they should consider the types of games that each player plays. Some players are favored in certain situations while others are more susceptible to injuries. They should also consider head-to-head records. These factors are crucial to betting strategies.

Aussie Rules football

AFL sports betting involves making bets on a team to win. There are three types of bets in Aussie Rules: money line bets, spreads, and totals bets. The totals bet covers the entire game, including the first and last quarters. The odds are changed after each goal is scored.


Basketball is a popular sport in Australia, and betting on it has become a huge industry. It’s a popular sport in schools and universities, and has a national and domestic league. The NBA attracts a lot of attention and is one of the most watched sports events in Australia. Whether you’re a fan of the NBA or the NBL, you can bet on the game and win cash. There are two major leagues for men and women in Australia: the Boomers for men and the Opals for women. Both teams compete in the top division.


Cricket betting is a popular pastime in Australia, and there are a number of bookies in the country that offer cricket odds. However, the process can be complicated. Some bookmakers place restrictions on the number of selections in a multi-bet, and others won’t allow you to double up on certain markets. These are just some of the limitations that punters should be aware of before betting on a cricket match.

eSports betting

eSports betting in Australia is a growing industry with many betting options. With the opening of the first dedicated eSports arena in Las Vegas, more Australians are joining in on the action. These betting opportunities allow punters to wager on a variety of different events and markets. eSports games are usually broadcast live and are played in specialised stadiums and tournament centres, which feature the hardware for many professional teams.

Fixed odds betting

In Australia, fixed odds sports betting has become a significant part of the wagering market. The country has a population of just over 24 million, but does about $40 billion in horse racing wagering annually. In Australia, fixed odds horseracing was introduced 13 years ago, stabilizing the traditional pari-mutuel horse racing betting system.

Free bets

In Australia, you can find many free bets for sports betting. The only way to get these free bets is by signing up with a particular betting site. Some of the best Australian sports betting sites have a number of bonuses for their customers, including the Best Odds Guarantee on horse racing, a Bonus Bet Back for your first bet, and referral bonuses.

Payment options

There are many different ways to deposit money when you’re playing at online sportsbooks in Australia. You can use Australian dollars, US dollars, Euros, or the British pound. The safest and most secure method of depositing funds is Bitcoin, but you can also use Visa and MasterCard, which offer free instant deposits. You can also use money orders, which are pre-arranged payments of a specified amount. However, you shouldn’t use money orders as a withdrawal method.